Can a Pressure Cooker Cook Dry Food?

By | July 12, 2021

The world thrives at a rapid pace and we have to follow it to know all the innovations there are in the world. As we are speaking about cooking and meals, I would like to introduce you a magic appliance you might not be aware of – a pressure cooker. This electric equipment operates in a very simple way – steam pressure. Imagine there is a sealed pot and there is a big amount of steam inside that builds up high pressure, as a result of which the process of food cooking becomes even faster.

A pressure cooker is a sealed pot with a valve that controls the steam pressure inside. When the pot heats up the liquid that is placed inside makes steam that raises the pressure in the pot that has two main effects: raising the boiling point of the water in the pot. When we cook something wet the heat from the cooking is limited while the steam’s pressure can get higher and as a result the food gets cooked faster.

This amazing device makes the process of forcing liquid into the food much easier due to the high pressure it has. This very high pressure helps to force liquid and moisture into the food quickly. The food is cooked faster and dry food gets very tender saving much time.

There is nothing impossible for the pressure cooker. Hard and dry food like rice or any other grains can be cooked in a very short period of time. Even harder things like beans and chickpeas will be cooked in less than an hour. Just imagine how fast you will make a dish for your family. There is no need to pre-wet the grains a day before so that it takes less time for them to be cooked.

You should keep in mind that using a pressure cooker to make inner for family is completely a new way of cooking and has its own tricks and techniques. First of all, you need to wait for some time until the pressure cooker gets heated up and then place the food in the cooker and close the lid letting it get cooked for some period of time at some exact pressure level. You should use the pressure cooking charts that are available in order to understand what exact food to cook in how much time.

The pressure cooker is very efficient and is worth trying and the first reason for this is that it uses less energy compared to many other devices as the cooking process becomes fast and leverages the pressure powers of steam. Just yesterday I cooked a very tender falling-apart lamb curry in my life with some chickpeas that were ready 45 minutes together with some rice that took me 7 minutes.

This is just an effective fast cooker with which cooking becomes fast and easier. Use everything that comes to your mind in order to make dinner and save time and effort. Dry food is not a challenge for the pressure cooker as it is designed for it.