6 do’s and don’ts of pressure cooker

Every new thing causes stress to some extent and pressure cooker is not an exception as well. When something is new to us we need some time to explore it and find out more about it. The same is pressure cooker as this is not a typical cooker. It has the same function roughly speaking and as a… Read More »

Can a pressure cooker sterilize?

Nowadays there are a lot of kitchen devises and appliances which are able are able to greatly simplify our lives. One of them is the pressure cooker – a great helper in the kitchen. Almost every housewife can say for sure that pressure cooker makes the process of cooking   much easier. It turns out that the pressure cooker… Read More »

Can a Pressure Cooker Cook Dry Food?

The world thrives at a rapid pace and we have to follow it to know all the innovations there are in the world. As we are speaking about cooking and meals, I would like to introduce you a magic appliance you might not be aware of – a pressure cooker. This electric equipment operates in a very simple… Read More »

Can Instant Pot be Used for Canning?

Instant Pot pressure cookers are effective and versatile kitchen gadgets for sure. The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 and Instant Pot IP-DUO60-ENW each provide maximum convenience for users by offering seven ways of cooking your food. For example, here are the seven cooking types of the Instant Pot IP-DUO60: Pressure cooking Slow cooking Rice cooking Sauté and browning Steaming Warming Yogurt making We’ve… Read More »

Do Pressure Cookers Brown Meat?

Brown meat is perhaps the most distinct indicator that food has been cooked and is ready to eat. The visual stimulus the color brown projects tell the customer that the meal is not under nor overcooked. Moreover, the browning of the meat gives off a delicious smell that again signifies that the meat is ready to be eaten.… Read More »