6 do’s and don’ts of pressure cooker

By | January 22, 2022

Every new thing causes stress to some extent and pressure cooker is not an exception as well. When something is new to us we need some time to explore it and find out more about it. The same is pressure cooker as this is not a typical cooker.

It has the same function roughly speaking and as a result we have food cooked.  After getting my own pressure cooker I needed some time and patience to get used to how this work and eventually spent a month burning food or on the contrary, under-cooking food in the pressure cookers until I found out how to cook every particular food in the pressure cooker.

This is not like the pressure there is when cooking food on gas or electricity where the heat is generated by a flame. In case of induction cooking the pressure cooker’s base is turned into the heat source itself heating only the base of the cooker to cook the food. Still you need to remember what you are and are not allowed to do as a user of a pressure cooker.

1. You shouldn’t pre-heat the pressure cooker in advance.

We are used to this from the traditional cooking methods we had during all our lives. And automatically we will start to use the habit of preheating the base of the pressure cooker on a low level to give me time to the food.

In case of a pressure if you pre- heat it in advance you will end up with burned food as a result.

This is the reason you shouldn’t pre-heat the pressure cooker as in that case the cooking surface will be very hot and ready to cook food in 15 seconds! Be very careful with this detail as this is essential.

2. You should first prepare the ingredients.

Chop the food that will be cooked properly and only then to turn on the pressure cooker as the process goes rather fast and you will not have much time for food preparation later on.

3. You shouldn’t heat up the cooker to the maximum.

Again, this is a follow up of the previous tip as the cooker gets hot very quickly and we do not need any burnt ingredients in the dish we are making.

4. You should start operating the cooker when the heat is medium there.

5. You should stay next to the cooker during the whole process of cooking in order to regulate the heat all the time.

If you turned in the pressure cooker and placed the food inside does not mean you are assured and can take your time to relax or go have fun. On the contrary, you get even more responsibility on yourself and this is why you need to stay around all the time to avoid further complications.

6. You should set the time for the dish to be cooked.

Of course you are around looking at the dish in the oven from time to time, yet, you still need to set some time so that you release the tension from your and enjoy a cup of proper coffee while the food is being prepared.


This will automatically endure you are done with cooking and the dish is hundred percent ready to eat and will not get under or overcooked. The automatic timer will keep the balance between these two things.